Ortiz: Mayweather Doesn’t Belong In The Same Ring With Me

Boxing champion Victor Ortiz is getting ready for a tough fight ahead on September 17th. Ortiz will face boxing star Floyd Mayweather. In this EsNewsReporting video, when Ortiz is asked about the upcoming fight, he appears ready and confident.

“Mayweather has the toughest fight coming up. Mayweather has never been tested, Mayweather has never had anyone hit as hard as me, Mayweather just doesn’t belong in the ring with a person of my caliber,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz also emphasized that he’s the world champion. “I’m going in the ring as world champion, I’m giving him a shot,” Ortiz explained. “I’m the reigning world champion right now and no one is taking my crown, not even you Floyd, ” he added. “This guy doesn’t belong in the ring with me, and I’ll prove that,” Ortiz went on to say.

When asked about Marcos Maidana, Ortiz didn’t care to hear his name. “Marcos Maidana and I don’t belong in the same sentence. He doesn’t belong in my category. As a matter of fact, Marcos Maidan who?”

Video shot by Memo Cabrera.