Ortiz On Berto Fight : I’m Tired Of People Saying I have No Heart Or No Balls.”
March 17, 2011 Boxing News

The “East-West Showdown,”  featuring World Boxing Council (“WBC”) Welterweight World Champion Andre Berto and WBC #5 rated challenger “Vicious” Victor Ortiz, kicked off their promotional campaign on Wednesday at  The Palm West Restaurant in New York City. Here’s what  Berto and Ortiz had to say.

Andre Berto: “We have already had a tremendous camp. I feel the speed; I feel the power, and the explosiveness.”

“Victor Ortiz is a young exciting fighter who is stepping up the plate. He is young and he has speed, but people who have seen me grow in front of the HBO cameras have seen the way I handle adversity. People saw the way Victor Ortiz handled adversity the first time he tasted it.”

“Don’t miss this fight. This is going to be the start of a wonderful year.”

Victor Ortiz: “I’ve always worked hard, but in my last fight it was one of these things where at the end I felt like a piece of gum on the bottom of someone’s shoes. So I said to myself: ‘It’s my turn.’ I’m going in against some tough opposition. Andre Berto is no chump. But now I’m hungry. I’m tired of people saying that I have no heart or no balls. At the end of the day, I’m not scared of getting in the ring or challenging anyone. On April 16 I’m taking the title home.”

The Apirl 16th fight will take place at the  MGM Grand Theater at Foxwoods in Mashantucket, Connecticut. It’s presented by DiBella Entertainment , in association with Golden Boy Promotions. It will be televised on HBO.


Berto vs Ortiz



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  1. Victor Ortiz HAS A real oppertunity in his fight with Berto to Redeem himself his loss to Maidana could have happened TO ANYONe in that division Maidana is a very rare fighter 1 in 10,000 his will is solid 24k gold look at the changes he put Kahn through, now VICTOR is very talented very well schooled and hes had a coulpe of very tough fights lot of champions have been where hes at and if he focuses and gives it it all he can win against Berto who himself is a terrific champion i ,ll say this champions fighters can grow from the tough fights they have and Ortiz has a real shot at winning this fight i,ll give him credit he fights the best out there and thats the key to growing as a fighter i would not be surprized at all if he goes out there and surprizes everyone and kos berto– a 240-0 record does not a champion make and a 26-2 t record does not make a loser. i feel this is gonnas be a terrific fight all the elements are there 2 very talented well schooled experience warriors fighting for a title and Ortiz has something to prove to everyone and i think he will win this fight

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