Ortiz vs Berto Fight Update

 The fight is over! what a night. Ortiz is the victor. Second title for Oxnard in two months. Fisrt for Rios now for Ortiz. Second title in the Garcia family as Danny Garcia the brother of Robert Garcia each lead thier fighters to a title.

Round 12: So far this is an amazing fight. Ortiz and Berto exchange. One minute left and Ortiz can taste the title. Ortiz shwoing he has lots of heart.

Round 11: Ortiz comes in swinging crowd yelling Ortiz. Ortiz seems to really wnats this. Berto looks hurt. one minute left in the round Ortiz still in the lead.

 Round 10:  Berto trying to move in. So far it’s 6 to 3 in the rounds to Ortiz. Ortiz lost a point reff takes it for a hit behind the head giving Berto time. Ortiz trying to clsoe the gap. Berto goes down but its not ruled as a knockdown.

Round 9: This round is starting melo.  Ortiz moving in trtying to land more shots.

Round 8: Slugfest is on! who said boxing is dead? this fight is awesome. Fighters seem tired in this round.

Round 7:  This is a great fights might be fight of the year!  what a slugfest. big exchange. fans on their feet. This round is a draw.


Round 6:  Both fighters are in the center of the ring. Ortiz lands another big one. Berto takes Ortiz down. Huge knowdown by Ortiz Berto GOES DOWN.

Round 5:  Berto lands a few jabs and both trade a few shots. Ortiz still in charge lands more shots.

Round 4: So far Ortiz landed 150 powershots. Berto lands a big shot. Ortiz has Berto on the ropes. This round goes to Ortiz.

Round 3: so far pretty close a real slugfest. Ortiz landing lots of bombs. This round is goes to Ortiz.

Round 2: Berto takes down Ortiz

Round 1:  Ortiz takes down Berto