Lopez Gets Victory Over Ortiz

Victor Ortiz vs Jose Lopez

rd 1  both fighters feeling eachother out. lopes trys to jab ortiz answers. with 30 seconds to go both fighters exchange. rd 1 to lopez

rd 2 ortiz starts strong. ortiz landing manyy shots of lopez. lopez hugs ortiz. both fighters exchange. great fight so far. rd 2 to ortiz.

rd 3 ortiz jabbing lopez. lopez lands a combo on ortiz. great rd of boixng rd to lopez

rd 4 ortiz landing many shots on lopez. lopez not doing much this rd. rd 4 to ortiz.

rd 5 lopez and victor exchange. vic hits lopez after ref says breack on back of head. lopez wants to be checked. ref jack riess talking to ortiz. fight goes on with 135 left in rd. both fighters exchanage. rd ends goes to ortiz. ref talks to henry ramirez trainer of lopez. asks lopez if he is okay, lopez says yea.

rd 6 lopez and ortiz exchange. great fight so far. ortiz landing many shots on lopez. rd ends goes to ortiz.

rd 7 ortiz moving in lopez trying not to get hit. lopez landing some shots. ortiz has lopez on ropes. now lopez comes forward. now lopez moving after victor. crowd is cheering they are loving it. rd 7 to lopez.

rd 8  ortiz hits lopez hard. lopez answers. ortiz lands a hard shot of his own. this roud both fighters get a 10-10

r9 close round both fighters giving their all. crowd standing up cheering. rd goes to ortiz.


fight ends lopez wins