Oscar De La Hoya Expects Cotto To Beat Trout. Talks Cotto vs. Alvarez!

In a recent interview with PrimearaHora.com, Oscar De La Hoya talked about Miguel Cotto vs. Saul Alvarez, and how it would be a tremendous event if ever comes to fruition. Oscar expects Cotto to come out a winner against Trout, thus is already talking about the future and its various possibilities.

“We are very confident that Cotto will come out with the upper hand. A possible fight with Alvarez would be quite an event. Cotto is a legend. Soon he will be in the Hall of Fame, no doubt. And Alvarez is a young man who is demonstrating what it takes to be a great champion. A fight between the two would be a very big event,” stated De La Hoya.

There is little doubt that if Cotto beats Trout, a fight against Alvarez would be a very big deal for boxing. Alvarez is slowly but surely climbing the ladder to the top, and thus far, he hasn’t slipped once. Does he deserve a fight against Miguel Cotto at this point in his career? Many would say no, while other would argue that he does.

Personally, I would love to see Alvarez get in the ring with someone else, win decisively, and plan on fighting Cotto somewhere in May of next year. I believe that it would be a great fight for both, with a clear benefit of winning for either man.

“We’ve been looking for a perfect partner to work with us in the vision we have for boxing. Cotto is a serious person. Has a serious business with Miguel Cotto Promotions. He has a great team and we will start working together,” said De La Hoya.

Golden Boy Promotions and Miguel Cotto Promotions teaming up? If that’s the case, then there is no doubt that the above mentioned fight will happen.