Oscar De La Hoya: Who Wins Between Pacquiao or Mayweather
August 25, 2011 Boxing News

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya tells EsNewsReporting who he picks between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather.

Boxing legend Oscar De La Hoya

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  1. Floyd will crush Manny you reject! Floyd’s career has been smooth sailing because he is just that good. Only a idiot would ask Floyd to apologize for his opponents not being able to compete. If they ever get in the ring all of you fools who think Manny is somethin special will be in for the biggest reality check of all time. When Floyd takes the great Manny Pacman and makes him look like a sloppy amateur. What a sad day that will be. All that you thought you knew suddenly destroyed in one swift beating. Sad for you, just another day for Floyd.

  2. Floyd has the skill over Manny. But given the fact Floyd went smooth sailing, while Manny pass through the eye of the needle says another. If SweetPea and Julio Caesar Chavez Sr. went to a draw? And with Floyd who does not go toe-toe with a heavy puncher, would rather do his thing box. Like Ali does. With the likes of Joe Fraizer that is fast enough to get inside Alis jabs. Its something to fight a southpaw with speed but no power like Zab Judah. Its another for someone with speed and punching power like Manny. And its a walk on the park to fight someone who has quit with little experience. Victor Ortiz is gonna quit again..

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