Oscar De La Hoya Suggests Mayweather Jr. Want’s Canelo Next

According to the Boxing Insider and other reliable sources, Oscar De La Hoya has recently suggested that Floyd Mayweather Jr. would like to give Saul Alvarez an opportunity to face him next.

Of course a statement like that has to be taken with a grain of salt, as at this point in time, it is absolutely meaningless. I would tend to believe something of this sort if the name Mayweather Jr. wasn’t associated with it, but knowing Floyd and the way he handles his fights, the challenger will not be announced until both fighters have singed the contract.

If this fight indeed pans out, be ready for a very quick sell-out of the tickets, and new groundbreaking PPV numbers. I can definitely see why Floyd would favor Canelo as his next opponent.

Think about it: not only would Canelo prove to be an easy night’s work (crazy thoughts I know), but the profits would be through the roof. Mayweather Jr. knows how to pick the right opponent for himself, and Alvarez makes absolute sense.

As a matter of fact, there isn’t much of an argument against it. Canelo has thus far shown that he at least deserves a chance to face Floyd.

Let’s keep an ear out since Mayweather Jr. needs to align an opponent sooner rather than later as his fight is scheduled for sometime in September.


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