Oscar De La Hoya’s Former Accuser Loses, Will Have To Pay Oscar’s Legal Fees of $12,000

It appears as though Angelica Cecora, the woman claiming that Oscar De La Hoya had intimidated her during a party in a New York hotel, will now have to pay Oscar’s legal fees amounting to $12,000.

According to an SI article via AP, the judge dealing with the case was quoted saying that then nature of the lawsuit was “frivolous and malicious.” The judge is convinced that Cecora is after Oscar, and is trying to harass the De La Hoya in an attempt to make some money.

The entire world has heard about Oscar’s wild times, and of course as could be expected, there are people out there who would jump on this to try and take a financial advantage of it. Thankfully, judges know how to judge cases like those, and I am glad that Oscar is able to successfully defend himself in such situation.