Pacquiao Bitter About His Loss: “I wanted action. I wanted to trade the big shots. Then he got lucky.”
December 10, 2012 Boxing History

After the first three fights against Marquez, Pacquiao thought that there was absolutely nothing that he needed to prove to Marquez or general the boxing public. He thought that his two victories were solid, and that the drama that surrounded those victories was artificially blown up by the unreasonable Marquez fans.

Still after being pressured by the fans, and after suffering a controversial, later reversed loss to Timothy Bradley, Manny had decided to eliminate the doubt from the minds of all the fans by giving Marquez another fight.

Now, after suffering the biggest loss of his career, it looks as thought Manny may now be in favor of yet another, fifth bout against his long time foe.

“Yes, I still can,” said Pacquiao when asked whether he would fight again.

“That’s sports. You win some, you lose some. If you don’t want to lose, don’t fight. Let’s accept it. Marquez caught me flush on the chin. Like right on the chin. If only he hit me in the jaw I knew I could get up like the first knockdown. But it’s different when it’s on the chin. I remembered hitting the canvas hard,” continues Manny.

“But let’s accept the loss. Marquez deserved the victory. He sneaked in a punch. I was wrong doing that double-fake. I lunged. It’s like going head on with that right straight. I ran smack into it.”

Giving Marquez the deserved credit, Pacquiao was still a little bit bitter about the result: “His nose was broken. He was breathing heavily because of his broken nose. I could hear him breath. I was told his corner was already giving him one more round. I would have finished him off in rounds seven or eight. I was feeling good. I felt fine. There was no sign of the cramps that have bugged me in the previous fights starting in the fourth round or so. What a waste. I was warming up. “Did you notice each time the bell rings, I wanted to rush to him? The referee kept holding on to me. I wanted action. I wanted to trade the big shots. Then he got lucky,” concluded Pacquiao.

Here we go, Mr. Humble is not happy with a loss, and tries to ease the pain by finding illegitimate reasons for why this was a fluke. Whatever it was, it sent Manny to the canvas like a 2×4. He got knocked out, and there is nothing that he can say to retreat from that outcome. Was he winning the fight? No. Of course neither was Marquez.

The fact that Pacquiao is confident that had this fight gone a few more rounds he would have finished Marquez is bad news, and is by far the worse way to think about boxing in general. If the judges were more careful and accurate, Pacquiao would have lost his last fight against Marquez. But he didn’t, he won the fight, and there is absolutely nothing that will ever be done about that.

I assume that the only way for Manny to secure another fight against Marquez is to complain, and try to skew the opinions of the average boxing fans in his favor. No doubt that the majority of Filipinos believe that Marquez simply got lucky, and maybe with global support from the boxing community, including those form Mexico, the fifth fight might be considered.

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