Pacquiao: “He can even wear my trunks if it gets him in the ring with me.”

In a recent FoxNews Latino edition, Manny Pacquiao was quoted saying: “He can even wear my trunks if it gets him in the ring with me. I want to fight Floyd Mayweather next.”

It is understandable why Pacquiao has agreed to get the smaller chunk of the financial pie if a fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr. materializes, and I can see why he is humoring him in saying what he did, but I think that Manny is trying a little too hard.

Desperation is not just a word; it’s a feeling that radiates energy. The best way I would define that energy, is with another word: urgency. Why is it, that all of the sudden, without any indication of talks or negotiations, Pacquiao agrees to give up the money and the position of being an equal? Why is Pacquiao trying to hard to lure Mayweather into the ring? Is it because he is 100% sure that he can win the fight? Or is it because him and his team feel like time is running out, and sooner rather than later that time will catch up with the Filipino sensation and do its damage?

You know how many boxing fans and writers have always been pessimistic regarding the fight ever happening, and when any kind of hope came up it was dismissed without a second thought? Well, this time I would not take it lightly. For some reason, I feel that soon, Mayweather Jr. will start making his appearance, and slowly making more demands to be met. Pacquiao will oblige, thus excuses should no longer be a part of the drama.

I was always on Floyd’s side, because despite the fact that Mayweather Jr. kept flip flopping back and forth, team Pacquiao along with Bob Arum took weaseling to a whole new level. They announced things that were never meant to happen, changed dates and facts, and of course always made their share of excuses.

But this time, Floyd, the ball seems to be completely in your court. Everything you may possibly want, you will probably get in the preparation for this fight, thus there is no need to take time and stretch this ting any longer. Not doing anything about Pacquiao’s acceptance of Floyd’s demands, puts him in a very bad spot with the public and the media.

Floyd is waiting and hoping to see Pacquiao lose to Juan Manuel Marquez, but if Pacquiao ends up dominating Dinamita, Floyd would be expected to react in an instant.