Pacquiao On Hatton Rematch: “It depends on how decisions go with the promoter.”

In a recent ESPN article, Manny Pacquiao was asked to express his opinion regarding Ricky Hatton’s comeback and he replied with the following: “I am happy for him. He still can fight and I am looking forward to watching his fight.”

When asked whether a rematch was plausible, Pacquiao said: “That’s another story, I don’t know. It depends on how decisions go with the promoter.”

Decisions? What decisions? Had this idea been recently brought up in camp Pacquiao? Based on his answer, the answer is more than a maybe. If this is indeed the case, then I hope that Pacquiao puts his foot down and absolutely refuses this idea. Not only would Pacman lose not some but all of the fan respect, he would ruin Hatton’s possibility of a longer lasting comeback. Hatton was a great champion, but if he is able to win is next few fights and then gets in the ring with Pacquiao again, I see a real pending disaster in that scenario. We was what the last loss did to Ricky’s life, maybe another one is not a good idea for his well being.