Pacquiao-Ortiz or Mayweather-Ortiz Rematch
October 9, 2011 Boxing News

Manny Pacquiao vs Victor Ortiz could be a fight boxing fans may want to see. A recent article by Filipino news outlet ABS-CBN reports that Victor Ortiz’s strength and conditioning coach “Hoss” told Boxing Scene that he doesn’t see why a fight between Pacquiao and Ortiz can’t happen. Meantime, Floyd Mayweather took to his Twitter saying he would give Ortiz a rematch only if Ortiz beat Andre Berto.

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  1. Corn, I don’t think anyone could have said it better! U got it on point. Oh, and I love that line, floyidiots….

  2. Mayweather saw an easy way out and tool it. Floyd felt ortiz power and knew he needed to finish the fight quick. Floyd is one of the best defensive boxers in the sport but respect in my eyes for the sucker punch. Mayweather will wait until it’s difficult for Ortiz to make weight before giving him a rematch. Another thing people don’t talk about is when Ortiz headbutted Floyd there was 5 seconds left in the fight when cortez supposedly called time in first u don’t look away from the boxers second the 5secs surpassed before the sucker punch. The time never started meaning the fight never resumed also meaning Floyd couldn’t punch cause time wasn’t in yet. Bottom line cortez needs to be be banned from boxing this isn’t the first fight he’s screwed up.

    • the only thing mayweather felt was the sucker headbutt that opened a cut on his mouth. ortiz deserved it after the 2nd worst foul i’ve ever seen in boxing.

  3. Were we watching the same fight? First of all, Ortiz didn’t win a single round in that fight, Mayweather CLEARLY was outlanding Ortiz in EVERY round, including the 3rd and 4th. However, Ortiz became more aggressive as the fight progressed, which lead to him being countered with virtually every right hand that Floyd threw. The best shot he (Ortiz) had in the entire fight was followed up by a flurry of misses and an intentional head-butt. Ortiz knew from the gate his only chances of winning was to fight dirty, which is why he made several attempts to lunge his head into Mayweathers chin. Anyone who believes that Ortiz had a shot is just plain delusional. It was only a matter of time and Ortiz would’ve hit the canvas. A rematch would be waste of time.

  4. Im with corn..ortiz is an animal! Anybody can see it..even mayweather. He knows he dodged a bullet with that chump move he pulled. Now I consider myself at the top of the list of Ortiz fans, but I’ll also be the first to admit he was wrong for throwing that headbutt, but what mayweather did was just a hoe move. Where I come from if u pull something like that in a street fight ur gonna get jumped by everybody watching just for being a punk. I cant wait for the rematch. Doubt it’ll happen anytime soon cause im sure mayweathers butt hole is puckered lol. But like Corn said they do have unfinished business and i strongly believe ortiz is mayweathers nemesis. I wouldn’t mind seeing a pacquiao ortiz fight tho. It would be a good one and I dont take nothing away from manny but I think victor would get the best of him. One day Victor Ortiz will be the one to dethrone..its just a matter of time

  5. Well said Corn.

  6. I seem to be the only one that knows Ortiz is a threat to Mayweather or Pacquiao. Ortiz is an absolute beast. He’s a real middleweight fighting as a welterweight right now. I don’t think Pacquiao should take the fight with Ortiz because 1) Ortiz doesn’t deserve it, 2) Pacquiao won’t gain much if he wins….Floydiots will just say that it was another one of Mayweather’s ‘leftovers’, 3) stylistically, while pacquiao would win, he’d probably take a big beating in the process as Ortiz would be hands down the strongest welterweight with the strongest punch he ever faced.

    Ortiz, however, does deserve a rematch with Mayweather. That first fight was a complete disgrace. Mayweather’s controversial sucker punch KO makes it unimpressive and an unconvincing that he could beat Ortiz. As I’ve noted before, Ortiz lost rounds 1 and 2 (narrowly) but won round 3 and was on his way to winning round 4. This stat is monumental. To be 2 rounds a piece after 4 rounds against Mayweather is an event in itself. Usually by the 3rd or 4th round, Mayweather has figured out his opponent and starts to dominate, but it was in those rounds that Ortiz was rising and becoming more aggressive taking Floyd to the ropes and bullying him like we haven’t quite seen before. Ortiz was very timid and hesistant in the first 2 rounds as would be expected due to his inexperience and being on the big stage for the first time in his career. But as Oscar De La Hoya said, Ortiz was just warming up. Ortiz was getting hit with the right lead a lot and had some swelling on his eye, but no doubt, if you watch the fight again and compare it to Floyd’s previous fights, Ortiz was having more success and roughing Floyd up like we haven’t seen before. So much so that it spurned numerous articles around the boxing world that Floyd’s armor was cracking or that Floyd looked like he was slowing down or how Floyd looked vulnerable.

    If so many analysts saw that in the fight, then Ortiz was definitely doing something right and probably could have hurt Floyd in the later rounds.

    Bottomline: Ortiz doesn’t deserve a match with Pacquiao. Pacquiao shouldn’t take that fight anyways. Ortiz having a rematch with Berto might not be a bad tune-up for Mayweather 2. Ortiz and Mayweather have unfinished business.

    Crucial note: Ortiz is hitting his prime soon and his body might not be able to keep off the weight to stay at 147. Ortiz is too big will most likely have to go to middleweight. That means, say if in 1 or 2 years we have the Ortiz Mayweather 2 fight, Ortiz will have to drain himself back down to 147. Or Floyd should meet Ortiz at 154.

  7. Ortiz doesn’t
    deserve it, well put.

  8. Ortiz does not deserve a chance at Pacquiao. That’s garbage…

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