Pacquiao vs Marquez 4 Rd by Rd

Here is the rd by rd Pacquiao vs Marquez 4

Rd 1 Manny tries to lans first. fans yelling marquez. Manny moving a lot. manny lands a left. fans yelling marquez. rd 1 manny.

Rd 2 Manny lands a left marquez lands good body shot. good left by manny and another. Marquez lands big left hook. Marquez lands body shot. rd 2 manny

Rd 3 Manny lands a shot. manny moving all over looks in control. manny lands two more shots. marquez lands left hook to body. marquez drops manny with a big right. rd 3 marquez

Rd 4 Marquez lands a shot so does manny. very close rd. marquez with a good shot. fans yelling marquez. manny lands a combo. 10-1o tie

Rd 5 Pacquiao drops marquez. 145 in rd 5. marquez gest manny. great fight so far. manny gest rd.

Rd 6 manny lands big shots. marquez is bleeding. MARQUEZ KOS MANNY