Pacquiao’s Legal Adviser: “We’re willing to sit down with the camp of Mayweather.”

According to a recent article by Inquirer, Manny Pacquiao is not willing to chase Marquez around for another fight, and will instead look for another fight, including the willingness to sit down withcampMayweatherJr. and discuss a possible mega-fight between the two superstars.

“If (we cannot get a fight with) Marquez, then we’ll look for a better opponent,” stated Pacquiao’s legal adviser Franklin Gacal.

I agree that if Marquez starts playing the role of a content champion, Manny should start aiming at someone else for his next fight. What I don’t agree with, is that Gacal states that they will look for a better opponent. Pardon me, but there is only one better opponent out there, and that is Mayweather Jr. Aside from Floyd, there simply isn’t a better fight for Pacquiao than Marquez. They can kid themselves, but not the boxing fans.

“We’re willing to sit down with the camp of Mayweather (if he’s interested),” continued Gacal.

I think that whether Mayweather Jr. is interested or not, they should still arrange for the two camps to discuss the possible date and terms for the fight that should happen sooner rather than later. Maybe this time around, Pacquiao will oblige Mayweather Jr. and accept most of his terms, bringing the fight closer to reality.


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