Pacquiao’s Mother Dionisia: “I want Him To Finish Marquez In One Round, Two Rounds… Yes, You Knock Him Out!”

Apparently Manny Pacquiao’s mom is as much of an aggressive Pacman fan as his army of Pac-fanatics. Usually the parents of fighters try their best to stay away from becoming too big of a fan, trying to avoid watching their kid’s fight due to the possibility of a serious injury, gushing blood, and other physical probable damage.

Manny Pacquiao’s mother Dionisia hopes that her son could end his fight against Marquez early: “I want him to finish Marquez in one round, two rounds… yes, you knock him out,” said Dionisia.

I think that a little reality check would do good for mama Pacquiao, as closing the show within two rounds is something that will not be happening. As a matter of fact, if Manny tried to jump in there and lean on Marquez, he will be hit with an endless amount of precise counter punches.

“I’m motivated. I want to win convincingly,” stated Manny. Wait a second; did he not want to win convincingly in their previous fights? I do believe that Manny is more at peace now, and being content is very important for the mental part of preparation. I think that Manny will perform better than before, but Marquez might fine-tune his game as well.

In any case, despite the fact that a lot of boxing fans said they are not interested in yet another Pacquiao vs. Marquez bout, I feel this fight is very intriguing and has its significance.

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