Why Pacquiao vs Cotto II Doesn’t Make The Mouth Water & Why It Should

Pacquiao vs Cotto II

More on offer than recent history suggests

Should we be given Pacquiao vs Cotto Volume Two as an alternative to Mayweather vs Pacquiao much of the boxing world will doubtless recoil in half-expected disappointment at the – perceived – lower caliber match up.

Pacquiao vs Cotto I saw a prime Manny Pacquiao systematically dismantle the Puerto Rican star with a barrage of offensive minded & methodically frenzied onslaught that eventually forced referee Kenny Bayless to step in & save the multiple division world champion in a contest he was frankly over-matched in from the second round on wards. Classic Pacquiao it was; a classic it was not.

The lack of a memorable “contest” – if not the lack of a memorable performance from PacMan– will form the minor reasoning behind the ultimate disappointment to the announcement of a fight that might as well go by the promotional moniker “Not Mayweather vs Pacquiao.

Having already made my counter suggestion to Mr. Floyd Mayweather – a 30%/30% split with 40% to the winner – for a legitimate prize fight with Manny Pacquiao I think I speak for the majority of fans when I say that anticipation has long since given way to frustration which has in turn has long since given way to boredom with this D-grade soap opera of an overly protracted build up to a fight the sport of boxing is perhaps best now forgetting about.

With that in mind one should look upon a second helping of Pacquiao vs. Cotto as something more than the best fight Money won’t give us. Pacquiao’s ascent has slowed & even reversed in his two most recent outings & his return to mere mortal status should make a return bout with the newly buoyant Cotto a far more competitive & compelling clash of two of the sports pound-for-pound elite.

In a rare (for super fight negotiations of late) display of down the middle logical reasoning, Cotto has stated, “Do not pay attention to rumors. I have not made any decision yet nor reached any deal regarding my next fight. At the appropriate time, I will directly be announcing my next fight. I am discussing and analyzing options with my team.

Gabriel Peñagarícano, Cotto’s adviser, is also quoted as saying that claims Pacquiao vs Cotto II is anywhere near done & dusted “is absolutely false. There is no preliminary deal, no intermediate deal and no final deal for Miguel’s next fight. I don’t know from where that came from.

Perhaps a measure of the flux & entirely needless melodrama the Mayweather-Pacquiao negotiations have contributed to devolving the sport into is evident in the fact that we’ve spent a week deriding the purported impotence of a fight that shows about as much likelihood, for the time being, of ever taking place as the big one.

One does note that should this fight take place – Pacquiao’s willingness to fight a champion who five years ago was similarly avoided by Floyd Mayweather (in the eyes of much of the sport’s fan-base) not once but twice (regardless of outcome or even performance) is another reason to regard Manny Pacquiao’s eventual claims to all-time greatness that much stronger & Mayweather’s that much more spurious.

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