Pacuiao vs. Marquez Round By Round

Rd 1 Manny looks good towards the end of the round.

Rd 2 Marquez attacking Manny’s Body. Manny using angles and mocing alot

Rd 3 Both fighters going at it. Manny hits Marquez with a big shot crowd goes crazy

Rd 4 Manny lands big shots on marquez. Manny using his speed. Manny landing more shots. Exciting fight so far. Manny doing more work. Marquez rocks pacquiao right as bell rings.

 Rd 5 Marquez looks great in this round putting in the work.

Rd 6 Marquez lands a jab. This is a war. Fams yelling Marquez. Marquez lands a body shot. Manny lands a few big shots. Crowd going crazy. Marquez and Pacquiao exchange this is like the first two fights. What a war.

Rd 7 I now have to do 500 pushups… as Freddie Roach  I said fights ends in 6. Marquez lands a big shot rocks Pacquiao. Manny being tested. Manny landsing some good shots. Marquez landing more shots. Big upper cut by Marquez. Manny bleeding.

Rd 8 Marquez lands a big left on Pacquiao. Marquez causing manny problems. Marquez lands another shot. Pacquiao lands a combo. Manny lands a left as the bell rings.

Rd 9 Manny still bleeding. MARQUEZ LANDS ONE ON THE BACK OF HEAD OF MANNY. Marquez lands a combo. Marquez and Pacquiao exchange big shots. What a round. both fighters talking to eachother. Roach telling Manny he’s loosing.

Rd 10 Manny and marquez exchange. Marquez slips – not a knockdown. Manny complains that he got headbutted. Pacquiao cut over right eye. Roach told Manny before rd he has to KO Marquez to win. Manny ends round strong.

Rd 11 The cut over Manny’s eye was from a headbutt. Manny landsing big shots. He’s winning this rounds. This fight is even at this point.

 Rd 12 Rd starts slow. fans yelling mexico. Manny’s mouth piece fell out. Both fighters this they won.