Paulie Malignaggi vs Orlando Lora Rd by Rd Updates

This fight is a 10 rd fight.

Rd 1 Paulie moves forwards seems to be more active. Lora trying to answer thrown some shots and misses. Both fighters exchange shots. Paulie landing more shots but Lora did rattle Paulie with a with a big right. This rd is all Paulie.

Rd 2 Lora trying to use his  hight. Paulie using his left the jeb Lora’s face time and time again. This round is all Malignaggi.

Rd 3 Malignaggi keeps out boxing Lora. Paulie now fighting with his hands down he keeps using the jab. Rd 3 All Paulie.

Rd 4 Paulie not getting hit and keeps landing. Lora just landing a big right hook.

Rd 5 Lora has a cut over his left eye. Dr. looking at it, Lora can still fight. Lora more active in this round. Big hook by Paulie. Paulie lands a big upper cut shakes Lora up. As the bell rings Lora goes to Paulie’s corner. The cut by the eye is bleeding.

 Rd 6 Manny Pacquiao on the big screen crowd cheers and yelling. Paulie staying active. Lora has a tough time landing shots. Lora connects Paulie comes back. Lora trips Paulie he goes down, no knockdown.

Rd 7 Both fighters exchange. Paulie once again landing more shots. Paulie with a big right hand time and time again.

 Rd 8 Lora’s eye is still bleeding. Paulie a bit marked up as well. one minute into the round Paulie lands a jab, first hit of the rd. Lora palying it safe.

 Lora’s cut by his eye is bleeding, Paulie going for the eye. Lora trying to exchange.

Rd 9 Paulie doing what he’s been doing all night out boxing Lora. Both fighters exchange in the corner. Lora eats more of the Malignaggi jabs.

 Rd 10 Paulie and Lora shake gloves this is the last rd. Good exchanges in the corner. Lora lands a jab. More exchanges. 43 seconds to go Paulie taking some punishment. 7 seconds to go big right hand by Paulie.

Malignaggi Wins