Phil Lo Greco Responds To Victor Lupo, Rumors & Relinquishment of WBC International Strap

Statement from Phil Lo Greco

ESNewsReporting Exclusive

I was supposed to defend my WBC International Welterweight title in July but due to a back injury sustained while training was advised by my physician to hault training for a minimum of 2 months upon which time a follow up consultation would take place & clearance sought to resume gym work.

I want it noted that I was not stripped of my title but rather was forced to vacate my WBC International welterweight championship due to inactivity caused by the above mentioned back injury. I have no problem supplying interested parties with my physician’s medical report as proof positive of the legitimacy of the injury I sustained.

Phil Lo Greco WBC Welterweight

Phil Lo Greco Sets The Record Straight.

I’m more than happy to fight Victor Lupo. I do though disdain the methods and melodrama he utilized to persuade me to sign a contract while I was injured. He resorted to harassment: insulting my family, Italian heritage & sexual orientation. I accept being called out by another fighter but I feel he crossed a line a professional fighter & a champion has no business crossing. Are we not role models to many in our society?

So to make a long story short I did not sign a contract for a unification bout with Lupo due to insufficent time to prepare & train for the fight. If I am not mistaken many fighters have withdrawn from bouts without a physician’s certificate & received far less criticsm than I have from the media.

A runner would not enter a marathon with a injured foot. Why should I risk my belt in a Championship bout while suffering an ailment that similarly hampers my ability to train & perform to my full potential?

All of which was stated in the e-mail sent from Christian Cherchi of OPI 2000 to the World Boxing Council (WBC). I agree with & accept fully & unreservedly the actions & decisions made by the WBC & fully intend being their welterweight champion again very soon.

My plans for the future are to fight the best of the best & I foresee a return to the ring before the end of 2011. To my loyal fans, supportive friends & followers I would like to thank you for believing in me & believing in the sport of boxing, I appreciate the continued support & intend to reward that support with many memorable & victorious bouts (and championship belts) in the future.

Yours with Fighting Pride,

Phil Lo GrecoThe Italian Sensation

PS: A special thank you to Matt Hamilton & Elie Seckbach from ESNews for being beyond professional.