PLAYMAKER NUTRITION Joins Kevin Love, Lindsey Vonn, Darren McFadden, Carlos Gonzalez, Tom Schaar, Erik Johnson & Tobin Heath


LOS ANGELES, Calif.  November 13th, 2012) Seven world-class superstar athletes have teamed up to help launch Playmaker Nutrition, a premiere children’s nutritional company and vitamin brand serving active tweens and teens. All Playmaker Nutrition products are free of high fructose corn syrup, gelatin, gluten, and preservatives.

Playmaker Nutrition founders include:

Olympic Gold Medal-winning basketball player Minnesota Timberwolves power forward Kevin Love, Olympic Gold Medal-winning skier Lindsey Vonn, Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden, MLB All-Star and Colorado Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez, skateboarding sensation Tom Schaar, Colorado Avalanches Olympic Silver Medal-winning NHL star Erik Johnson, and two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup Silver Medalist, US Women’s Team soccer player Tobin Heath.  

The company launches with the mission of inspiring and motivating youth to make both positive nutrition and overall life choices.  

The goals of Playmaker Nutrition are to create high quality, great tasting nutritional products that provide a valuable supplement to the dietary needs of kids between the ages of 8-18.  In addition, Playmaker Nutrition is dedicated to encouraging tweens and teens to become health conscious, goal focused, productive members of their communities.  

 “As a professional athlete, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to start taking care of your body and eating right from a young age.  As a Playmaker myself, I only work with companies I believe in, and Playmaker Nutrition is the first youth vitamin product that I’ve ever felt strongly about. They are everything a vitamin should be,” said Vonn.

Playmaker Nutrition was founded by two fathers of active tweens and teens, Jeff Hannan and Bill Sanders.  As their children grew, and they had to juggle their families’ busy schedules, they realized the challenges of maintaining a healthy and balanced diet for their kids. As such, they explored alternate ways to supplement their children’s diets to get them the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Finding a lack of options specifically designed to meet the growing needs of active children between the ages of 8-18, they sought out the help of the world’s best Playmaking athletes who had the same goals in mind, and were role models that tweens and teens could look up to.


“I knew from a young age that if I wanted to excel in my sport, I had to eat healthy.  But as a kid, there weren’t many options – let alone supplements that truly catered to my age and athletic development,” said Love. “ The leadership at Playmaker Nutrition shares my commitment to ensuring that kids get the vitamins they need. I have strived to be a Playmaker all my life, and I am excited to be part of a company that is so invested in children’s health and nutrition.”


This unique nutrition company has launched with two vegan gummy products, a Sugar Free Multivitamin and a Calcium/Vitamin D supplement.  Omega-3 DHA/EPA will be available January 2013. The Multivitamin and Calcium gummies retail for $13.99 per 60 count bottle, and are in stores now.  Products can be purchased online at, at, and at select retailers.