Ponce De Leon Rocked Sparring Kevin Hoskins
December 13, 2011 Boxing News

Boxing star Daniel Ponce De Leon  (41-4 34 KOs) and boxing porspect Kevin Hoskins (4-0 3 KOs) were sparring at the Maywood boxing gym when things got heated after the sparring.

"4" Comments
  1. That was messed up. There was a buzzer and Ponce hit Kevin after it. That was why Kevin lost it!

  2. your an idiot @alex. That fool Kevin kicked him first.

  3. Pretty bizarre turn of events.

  4. man thats just ugly s**T !! Ponce de leon is a complete jerk…i hope Kevin is ok after he got hit form behind with kicks..what is that man i thought is boxing not kickboxing…
    Kevin keep your head up man you’re a good fighter and i hope you become great fighter coz you’re young and have time ahead you and about this Ponce de pussy i just have to say he needs to check himself first before getting in a boxing ring .

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