Pound for Pound Rankings for July 2014

  1. Floyd Mayweather Jr Η88.25
  2. Andre Ward Η61.49
  3. Guillermo Rigondeaux Η57.13
  4. Adonis Stevenson Η55.44
  5. Erislandy Lara Η48.82
  6. Danny Garcia Η50.87
  7. Juan Manuel Marquez Η42.91
  8. Marcos Maidana Η39.94
  9. Manny Pacquiao Η37.81
  10. Timothy Bradley Η37.55

Hamilton RankingsΗ= Hamilton Co-Efficient Points.

Concept: Weighted Success * Historical Quality of Opponent That Success Was Achieved Against.

Η=[(punches landed♠ – punches hit by♠)*ƒ*100]*(Θ/100)

♠= (44ε+27β+15Ψ+9Φ+5δ)/100


ε=Η of most recent opponent

β=Η of second most recent opponent

Ψ=Η of third most recent opponent

Φ=Η of fourth most recent opponent

δ=Η of fifth most recent opponent

Standard Latency of 5 months or 153 days between fights. Failure to fight at this rate incurs an inactivity penalty.

Θ=Median Legacy-Η of last 3 opponents in their last 7 bouts

Legacy-H is a weighted score based on Global P4P Ranking based on Η-Score at a given moment.

Results are clearly not the most objective criterion and should not take precedence over all others. This is because judging at the upper reaches of the sport is historically tainted/incompetent/open to huge question.

Matt Hamilton, for ESNewsReporting.com

Matt Hamilton

Matt Hamilton