President of Russian Professional Boxing Federation Praises Hrunov, Says He Did Nothing Wrong

According to a recent article, the vice president of the Russian professional boxing federation Andrey Ryabinskiy made it clear that Vlad Hrunov still has some work to finish for the Klitschko vs. Povetkin bout, and suggested that Hrunov lost a few partners due to business and not boxing reasons.

“Hrunov is our representative at the bidding events, and does his job well, thus we got exactly what we had wanted. As far as Povetkin and other fighters leaving Hrunov, they had some business relationships with Hrunov, which have ended. There is nothing wrong with that,” stated Ryabinskiy.

I am having trouble understanding what Ryabinskiy is talking about, as I had always thought that Hrunov’s responsibilities were that of a manager. What business relationships could Hrunov have with numerous fighters? This looks more of an attempt to save face, rather than clarify an overhyped situation.

I would not be surprised if there was a sudden avalanche of information about Hrunov doing something unlawful in the sport of boxing.


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