Pro Wrestler “Macho Man” Dies

Professional wrestler “Macho Man” Randy Savage has died.  According to Florida Highway Patrol, Savage died after a car crash near his home.  Police say he lost control of his car, drove over a concrete median, into oncoming traffic and crashed into a tree. Savage suffered a heart attack behind the wheel and crash into a tree. He was rushed to the Largo Medical centre in Tampa, Florida but later died from his injuries.

Police say the wrestlers wife was a passenger in the car and walked away with minor injuries. Both were wearing seat belts. Right now police don’t think alcohol or drugs are to blame .  Savage died at a hospital at the age of 58.

Randy Savage "Macho Man" Dies

Savage became popular in 1985 when he quickly drew attention because of his colorful outfits and  his “ooh yeah” catchphrase.  In 1987 his match with Ricky Steamboat is still considered to be the best WWF fight. Savage won two WWF championships in his career.