Rahman Ali Claims Muhammad Ali Is Gravely Ill. Laila Denies. Who Is Truthful?

In a recent article posted by The Sun, Muhammad Ali was declared gravely ill, with impending death just around the corner.

“Muhammad Ali’s brother says the ailing boxing icon is on the verge of death — and his final days are being marred by a bitter family feud fueled by his wife,” stated the article.

“My brother can’t speak — he doesn’t recognize me. He’s in a bad way. He’s very sick.

“It could be months, it could be days. I don’t know if he’ll last the summer. He’s in God’s hands. We hope he gently passes away.

The piece mostly focuses on Ali’s brother Rahman Ali criticizing and showing is anger towards Muhammad wife, claiming that she is responsible for a lot of evil in their relationship. Family feuds are nothing new, and as a matter of fact, are normal to most.

I understand how troubles with your loved ones are a great misfortune, but for us, boxing fans, Ali is a living legend, and is one that defines the very limits of what the pinnacle of boxing is, and comparisons to what a real champion should be like.

When this article was published, a wave of paranoia, fear, anxiety and dismay traveled throughout various boxing news outlets. Muhammad Ali passing away means a lot more that it sounds to be. Heroes are not supposed to die, but when they do, it takes a huge chunk out of a lot of peoples’ spirits and hopes.

As soon as the grave news hit the media, Laila Ali remedied this rumor with not only her denial of such information, but with a picture of Ali watching the Superbowl.

“2 all concerned, my father is the same as usual. I spoke 2 his wife today and she said he is totally fine; was watching the game! Thanks! My dads health is normal! Here is a pic of him today! Thanks for all well wishes,” Tweeted Leila in order to put this rumor to rest and give Ali’s fans a piece of mind.


I am glad that Ali looks peaceful and that his daughter is providing us with positive information. Still, I don’t know who to believe. Ali sitting in a chair is in no way an indication that eh is healthy and is doing well. I am worried and have a strong feeling that Rahman Ali is telling the truth, as a lie would not benefit him in any way imaginable.

Maybe I am a pessimist, but just as with Emanuel Steward, when his daughter claimed that her father was doing perfectly fine a few days before the announcement of his passing came, family always tried to secure any health related information to avoid a media frenzy. I hope that I am wrong and that Muhammad Ali is, just as his daughter suggested, is totally fine.
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