Reaction To Khan & Maidana Going At It
August 20, 2011 Boxing News

After Marcos Maidana’s and Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero’s fight was called off because Guerrero injured his shoulder, Amir Khan chimed in. Khan sent out a tweet saying he thinks Maidan paid off Guerrero not to fight. In this EsNewsReporting video, we get reaction to the new drama.

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  1. Hey Elie, I need to correct you on your report. You said “Maidana injured his shoulder”. It should read, “Guerrero injured his shoulder”. No problem, good job man!

  2. I understand selling fights, but a person has to have some class and not insult someone who’s just had an injury that could have been career ending. Luckily it isn’t but we’ll see if he’s the same after a rotator cup injury. I like Khan as a fighter, really I do, but sometimes you need to know what you’re saying. Maidana admitted that Khan beat him fairly in their last fight. If there is ever a rematch, which I highly doubt, Maidana will come for blood. Roach and Khan are smart for not taking the rematch. Us fans would call it, as the man in the video said, “A bitch move.’ Peace.

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