Reporter Albert Alvarez: Guerrero Bullies Berto & Cotto vs Trout prediction

Guerrero bullies Berto, & My Cotto/Trout prediction
By: Albert Alvarez
Guerrero overwhelms Berto- Before the fight, I felt that Berto was going to land a blitzing right upper cut late in the fight, and would then be able to stop Robert Guerrero. I was right about the right upper cut being a deadly weapon for Berto, but I was wrong about the way I felt that Guerrero would handle the lethal shot. Turns out that Guerrero has quite a chin on him. Guerrero devoured Andre Berto’s heavy shots as if they were M & M ‘s. That sight was something that I was not expecting to see.
I also was not expecting to see Guerrero drop Berto in the 1st and 2nd rounds of the fight. The fight itself was more than a brawl, and credit goes to Guerrero for fighting the perfect fight needed to beat up Berto. It was not very pretty in there from time to time, but because of the unpleasant manner in which the fight was being played out, Berto was then forced to step on it late and make it exciting. Berto knew that he had to dig deep and take chances in order for him to hopefully land an atomic bomb that would then drop or stop Guerrero.
That time never came for Berto, Guerrero pressed Berto with immense aggression that never allowed Berto to fully extend on his straight shots and hooks. Major changes are needing to be made in Berto’s style, otherwise, the kid is going to burn out sooner than later. If Berto is going to continue to fight this way, Berto needs to study more tape on Tyson, Chavez Sr., and Duran.
Those three fighters right there, knew how to punch back when being smothered. They all knew how to turn their punches over without needing to fully extend to land damaging blows.
The key is to always keep your feet in position to land a killer shot. Berto on the other hand, instead allowed for Guerrero to push him back. Berto should have planted his feet, then double and triple jabbing Guerrero to give Guerrero something to think about the next time he plans on charging in. Guerrero outhustled Berto and now finds himself ringing Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s doorbell.
Saturday, December 1 2012
Live from Madison Square Garden, NYC on Showtime

Miguel Cotto vs. Austin Trout prediction- Next week, Trout’s WBA 154 pound title will be on the line when he takes on Miguel Cotto in the lions den. Trout, (25-0) will need to jump on Cotto and jump on him early, Trout must not allow for Cotto’s fans to turn it up a level higher. The (37-3) Cotto is 7-0 when fighting at Madison Square Garden, the Boriqua Bomber simply does not lose when fighting at the garden.
I feel that Cotto feeds off of the loud crowd noise and energy that his loyal fans demonstrate. Because of that home ring advantage, Trout must score and keep on scoring, silence that rowdy crowd from the jump. Trout’s conditioning must be at an all time high, Trout is going to have to sell his feints and must be able to throw 800-950 punches in the fight.
Trout’s chances of winning, will increase if he can do just that. I will be cheering for Trout to pull off the upset, but as of right now, I am leaning towards Cotto. I feel that Cotto’s stinging jab is going to surprise Trout. The angle in which Cotto shoots out the jab is dipped in gravy, and the way that Cotto is able to double up the jab is a thing of beauty.
Cotto hardly ever just throws out one jab at a time, Cotto slightly lifts his lead foot as he shoots it out and doubles it up. Trout must recognize those subtle movements and must be in position to take a step back and shoot out his straight lead hand over Cotto’s jab.
It’s been quite a while since Cotto last went to his opponents body and kept a lot of commitment there, but I see Cotto bringing back his Caguas Crusher style back for this one. As I mentioned before, I will be cheering for Trout because I really love his story, he is a real nice guy, and I love the fact that he traveled the very hard road and passed with flying colors to get to where he is at today.
Trout is a real throwback fighter and I love him for that, but I feel that Cotto’s big fight experience and his lethal jab will be what wins it for Cotto. I also do not feel that Trout has never been in with a fierce puncher like Cotto before. It’s going to feel as if Cotto is swinging a tree trunk at Trout. I’m picking Cotto to win by UD. If the Cotto that showed up for Mayweather, shows up here, I would be far from shocked if Cotto were to then stop Trout late. That however, is my only real concern.
How much was taken out of Miguel Cotto in his last fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.? That was a very taxing fight for Miguelito, how taxing was the fight against Floyd? It was such a rough fight that Floyd before the fight mentioned that he would fight 2-3 more times, but then after the fight, Floyd went on to say that he may have just fought his last fight. And Floyd won the fight! So one can only wonder what was taken out of Miguel Cotto. We shall soon find out.