Ricky Hatton Is Living A Healthy Life Now: “Win, lose or draw in the ring, I’ve already won in my life.”

The newly inspired Ricky Hatton says that he is feeling great, and is intending to keep his boxy in check for a long time to come.

We have all heard and remember about the rough times in The Hitman’s life. From alcohol to drugs and all the way to suicide contemplation, the young British champion went through a tornado of challenges, and is not back on his feet.

“This comeback is about the way I want to be remembered, but not only that. This is a permanent lifestyle change. I know that if I’m going to get all the way back to winning world titles I can’t blow up to 15 stones between fights and then train like crazy and crash diet to get the weight off. My body won’t take that any more. But I also know that the drink and everything else was killing me. The depression which followed not only that defeat by Pacquiao but all the bingeing took me to the brink of suicide. That won’t happen again. At 34 I’ve got my life under control,” stated Hatton in his latest interview with the DailyMail.

The first step to recovery is always realization and admission of fault. Hatton has made a tremendous amount of errors in life, but he understands that they were indeed mistakes and that they put his life in an unnecessary danger. He seems to be a different person now, and is handling things in a different fashion.

“There’s been a couple of evenings with the lads but I’ve been able to enjoy those while having no more than a couple of beers. I’ve learned to exercise sensible restraint and that’s how it’s going to be from now on, whether I’m boxing or not. To tell you the truth, I’ve never felt better or happier in my life, physically or mentally. I’m fitter in body and mind than when I was winning my world titles. With my weight under control now I can eat properly instead of starving myself like I had to do to make weight in the old days.”

This is all good news. In a way, sometimes it takes a disaster to inspire an improvement. When houses fall due to an earthquake, humanity’s next step is making sure they don’t fall the next time. Sometimes it’s the same in life; with a given opportunity to improve, some people not only make a recovery, but come out an entirely different, better person than before.

In general I am a skeptic, a pessimist, and it takes a lot to make me believe. Right now, I believe that Ricky Hatton is humble and honest, and is confident as well as content. With this, I am excited to see him back in the ring, and expect to see an impressive Hatton cross those ropes and do what he knows best, box.

“Win, lose or draw in the ring, I’ve already won in my life,” concluded Hatton.

Yes Ricky, you are a champion for realizing just that. Everyone deserves to be happy, but sometimes people have to walk through fire to get to peace. I wish you luck in your future, and would be happy to see your hand raised in that ring come November 24th.