Ricky Hatton Praises Floyd Mayweather Jr.

While we all know that Floyd Mayweather Jr. is a virtuoso when it comes to punching speed/accuracy as well as defensive skills, not all of his former competitors like to admit that.

Ricky Hatton on the other hand has given Floyd the compliment, saying:

“Floyd was hard to hit. I couldn’t of hit him with a handful of confetti.”

Most fighters have the very same challenge, but most attribute their difficulties to something else, something less related to the lack of their own abilities or skills. Hatton is a volume puncher, and when he was faced with Floyd’s ring IQ and natural physical attributes, he realized that his game-plan was no longer viable. That is exactly why a lot of boxing fans think that Pacquiao would run into the same roadblock; volume-punching opponent is Floyd’s specialty, his icing on the cake.

With so much negative media attention on Floyd, it is unusual but at the very same time refreshing to hear someone giving praise to him for what he actually is and what he is capable of doing.