Rigo Not Impressed With Donaire: “I could have beat both of them (Donaire and Nishioka) on the same night.”

According to a recent article by ThaBoxingVoice, Guillermo Rigondeaux is doing everything he can to get Nonito Donaire to acknowledge him, and sign the contract.

“I could have beat both of them (Donaire and Nishioka) on the same night. He (Nishioka) just came here for a payday. What’s there to be impressed about? He knocked out a guy coming off a year long layoff in his 30’s, who’s only big win was against an old Rafael Marquez? What’s there to be impressed with Donaire’s run at 122 lbs? He fought a smaller Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. and Jeffrey Mathebula, both guys he couldn’t stop,” stated Rigo.

“All he has are excuses for not fighting me. He said it on national television when Max Kellerman asked him about fighting me. I’m not exciting and I have more to do? I’ve knocked out my last three of my last four opponents. In my 6th fight, I fought a guy with over 40 fights in Ricardo Cordoba. I beat a title holder (Rico Ramos) at 122 in my 8th fight while he won a vacant title. You could see on television he was scared and the whole world saw it. He says he wants all the belts but he doesn’t want to fight me?” Rigo concluded.

With his limited record, I don’t think that Rigo is in the right position to make such ludicrous claims. I do agree that Donaire is hand picking his opposition in a way, and maybe even taking slow steps to the top, still, Donaire is not fighting amateurs or fighters with limited records.

Rigo is exactly that; a hyped up fighter with a very unimpressive resume. He did knock a lot of opponents out, but who were they? Should they in any way be considered formidable? By saying that I am not implying that he would certainly lose to Nonito, this is boxing after all, but bashing Nonito’s competition is not his place.

Even the aged and over the hill Jorge Arce, is a much bigger name than Rigo.
Arce has been through numerous wars, has a solid record, and has a huge following of fans. Rigo has neither.

I have seen Rigo’s fights, and I like his style. I respect his effort and heart, and I can see that he intends on making it all the way to the top. Having said that, the right approach is crucial when it comes to getting meaningful bouts. If he wants Donaire, but Donaire has another fight in mind, Rigo should find another opponent and dominate him, only then he could once again aim at Donaire.

Fans and promoters often decide the next fight, and since promoters primarily focus on the financial benefit of a fight, fans are indirectly the main influence of the future choices.