Rigo: “The believe that the boos were for Nonito.”

After reading a recent interview that RingTV did with Guillermo Rigondeaux, I have to say that Rigo is a smart man with the right plan in mind.

“I have to make a living, you know, for my family. There are going to be days when I go after it, and then there are going to be days where you box.  I tried to do my job. You don’t look for the knockout. The knockout has to come to you. If it is there, then you take it. In the 12th round, for example, I tried for it, but I couldn’t get it. Nonito was able to block some of the shots and avoid getting knocked out,” stated Rigo.

Of course everything he said makes perfect sense, and it shows that he is willing to take the risk but only at the proper time to do so. Ring IQ is by far the most valuable thing a fighter can master, and in his case, it seems like Rigo is doing just that.

As far as the booing coming from the crowd, Rigo is convinced that it was aimed at Donaire for his inability to do his job:

“The fans’ boos, that’s not because of what I did wrong. I believe that the boos were for Nonito,” stated Rigo.

Unfortunately, unless someone of value to him informs Rigo that the booing was for him, Rigo will go on believing that his produced an exciting fight. I think that it is important for Rigo to be able to recognize the reactions coming from the fans, so that he could make adjustments and make a PPV worth it’s while if his career ever gets there.


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