Rigo vs. Donaire Signed?

The exciting news regarding the almost-done-deal contract between Nonito Donaire and Guillermo Rigondeaux is spreading all over the place like a spider web, reaching a dozen boxing forums every minute. Fans are extremely excited that this fight has finally made its way to the finish line, as this was the very fight that they had wanted to see for a very long time now. Boxing enthusiasts have been asking for Donaire to fight Rigo because many people believe that this would be his biggest challenge yet, and that Rigo has a tremendous chance of coming out a winner.

According to a recent article, Pat English, Rigo’s manager’s lawyer personally called Arum to inform him of the update that Rigo has agreed to the terms and is ready to make this fight a reality.

“Everything is in the process of happening. When it happens (Donaire signing), it will happen, and then, we’ll announce the signing and the site,” stated Arum.

This fight will most certainly bring the crown in, probably filling every single seat in the arena. While most agree that Rigo will be a huge challenge for the Filipino Flash, I just don’t see it. As a matter of fact, my prediction will be a complete domination by Donaire, with the fight ending in a late KO.

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