Rigondeaux: “Beating Mares Will Be Even Easier!”

Have any of you guys seen that horror movie, A Nightmare onElm Street? The villain, Freddy Krueger, was terrorizing the kids in their dreams?

Well there is a living nightmare in the world of boxing as well, and his name is Guillermo Rigondeaux. He is an awkward fighter, with an absolutely mind dazzling offensive and defensive maneuvering, making him nearly impossibly to hit, while being pummeled by his punches from an entire spectrum of angles.

After he made Nonito Donaire look like a glorified sparring partner, the boxing forums began buzzing with an always popular question in cases like this: who can beat this guy?

Generally, this question is asked when a fighter in question is above his competition, and is expected to dominate whoever is next.

I would not want to fight this guy if it was up to me, and neither would I want my fighter to be the next in line if I was a manager or a promoter.

According to a recent report, ‘The Nightmare’ (what I think I will call him for now) is targeting Abner Mares:

“It was an easy night’s work beating the 2012 fighter of the year Nonito Donaire on April 13th but beating Mares will be even easier. I have already beaten Mares in the Pan American Games by a wide points margin of 17-7 but with the headgear off and these small gloves I will knock him out. However, if he wants to step up to the big time he should take this challenge. I’m sure my promoters can make it financially worthwhile for him and for Golden Boy. Of course, if he simply wants to be an undercard fighter and not rise to this challenge, that is his right but all will know then that he is afraid to fight me,” stated Rigo.

Truth be told, I think that most boxing fans would support this fight and would love to see what Mares does against one of the most evasive fighters in the sport.

Will Mares take this challenge or will he try to avoid it?


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