Roach Says Team Khan Asked Him To Leave Pacquiao and Chavez Jr.

The recent avalanche of drama that suddenly covered Amir Khan’s life was no doubt overwhelming for the young champion, and it forced Khan and his team to make some sudden changes and make some very unusual requests.

Apparently, according to, Amir would stick around with Freddie Roach only if he did him this one small favor: ditch Pacquiao.

“They told me this, and this is pretty good… They told me if I make Amir number one, and get rid of Manny and Chavez, they will still come back to me. They said if we’re number one and you get rid of Manny and Chavez, we’ll stay with you. I told them I can’t do that. They asked me this question face to face and on the phone.”

Either Freddie Roach is really blowing something out of proportion and overstating what had really happened, or the entire team Khan has completely abandoned their sense of reason and rationality.

Why would Roach get rid of his star pupil: the very fighter that has not only brought him fame, but the only person he has ever had as close as a son would be. I can understand Khan’s frustration in always being on the bleachers when Manny is around, but in that case he should have simply explained his feelings and went on to look for someone else to train him. Asking Roach to dispose of his other two fighters, the ones who happen to be boxing stars, is plain rude and unprofessional.