Robert Garcia: Rios Might Fight on Pacquiao-Marquez Undercard
August 30, 2011 Boxing News

As Manny Pacquiao is turning up the heat in his training camp for his November 12th fight against Juan Manuel Marquez. But as you will find out in this EsNewsReporting video, Pacquiao-Marquez many not be the only ones training hard. Robert Garcia tells us that Brandon Rios may be on the undercard.

"2" Comments
  1. A Rios fight on the Pac/JMM card would be huge. It would come close to matching the stacked card on Mayweather/Ortiz.

  2. A nice take by Robert Garcia. Honest opinion and direct. Its just a matter of time and a number championship wins. Soon he’ll be training foreigners, heavyweights all sorts of people. Just happened Freddie Roach started early, And soon he might have a new lightheavyweight or cruiserweight champion in the world in Kayode.

    Robert Garcia should experience cock fights in the Philippines. Thats how big it is and it can be related how big boxing is. Like Mexico they have cock fights too, except a small difference in rules. It can relate to Mexican boxing.

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