Robert Garcia Talks Cotto-Margarito Face-Off
November 18, 2011 Boxing News

EsNewsReporting talked to trainer Robert Garcia who’s in Mexico, training Antonio Margarito for his next fight. Margarito and Miguel Cotto will fight on December 3rd in Las Vegas. In this video, Garcia talks about the latest HBO face-off with Cotto-Margarito.

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  1. Cotto is just looking scared in the face-off bringing up something that was left behind and trying to justify his next defeat…. if he’s so sure that Margaritos’s wrapping was tricked, why none of the authorities from the sports comission estate mentioned anything that time?…. I believe he’s scared that if he feels the power from Margarito again, kowing that this time the hand wrapping has been double checked from the locker rooms by authorities and his own corner, he will be lost from that very moment, mentally. It would be interesting fight if he decides to outbox Margarito, but if he decides to exchange fireworks, he’s done before 10 rounds, again.

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