Robert Garcia Talks Mikey Camp Changes, Oscar’s Tweet, & Training A Women Fighter EsNews Boxing
January 11, 2019 Boxing News

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  1. Pottsville Pennsylvania home of yuingling beer big following here Mikey looks like my nephew his from my we’re Italian from sicaly dam he has a twin in my hey Mikey after your boxing career run for governor of California you can do it seriously always spoken like a gentleman I got tickets need a vacation I’ll be there kick some ass he gets strong in the later rounds so stamina is the answer Eli love your commitment to the Garcia family your the bom I watch Utube very day it’s like I’m there with all of you I’m proud to be half Mexican Mickey is a class act good luck brother love you n Robert great inspiration to the Mexican American people go mickey

  2. Me n my wife are from Pottsville Pennsylvania home of Yuri gli get beer lol I’m we love Mikey Garcia just booked my tickets we’re staying at Hilton outside Dallas this is my yearly vacation Mikey has a lot of followers I want Mikey to be ready for the later rounds he needs to be strong that’s where the fight will be decided Spence will loose the first half like he does in all his fights we need to be strong in the later rounds we love your videos Eli UTUBE Mikey will win by decision if he stays strong n moves go Mikey

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