Robert Guerrero Arrested On A Gun Charge At The JFK Airport

What do you bring to a fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.?

Some bring a game-plan, some come with hope and dedication, but unlike the others, Robert Guerrero decided to bring a handgun.

According to New York Daily, Guerrero was arrested for possession of a gun at the JFK airport in New York, trying to bring the weapon to Las Vegas.

Apparently, there could be charges against The Ghost:

“Details of the arrest were not immediately released. The exact charges were pending,” the source said.

From what I have learned from various other sources, the problem was that despite the fact that the gun was registered, Guerrero was not legally allowed to have it in his possession in the state of New York, as it is registered in the sate of California.

I guess the question is, how did he transport it to New York without getting caught?

I assume that the charges are not going to be severe to the point of keeping Guerrero in custody for long enough to put a roadblock in the fight against Mayweather Jr. in May.

I am sure more information is going to surface very soon, so keep an eye out for the updates.


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