Robert Guerrero Likes Fair Fights
September 6, 2012 Boxing News

In a recent interview with Comcast Sports Net Bay Area, Robert Guerrero expressed his feelings on how fights need to be conducted, and concluded that the champion should always fight at their comfortable weight.

“You get guy like Adrien Broner and other fighters wanting to challenge guys, but they want to bring them down to a catchweight,” stated Guerrero during the interview.
“You got to man up, pretty much. Fight the fights that are right there in front of you, and you know what, if you throw out the challenge, you’re going to go to the challenge. You’re not going to try to bring the challenge to you,” continued Robert.

As always, Guerrero is aggressively looking for someone to fight, and not just a fight to climb into the ring, but a lucrative bout against and already established name. So where are those fights?

I think that they are not necessarily interested, but it seems as though everyone has something planned or in negotiation stages. Maybe fighting Berto would be his best option at this time. Not only that, but I can see it being an entertaining bout for the boxing fans.

Guerrero is a good man and an even better fighter. Having said that, sometimes rushing things will only land you in trouble, because trying to grab more than you can hold rarely yields a positive outcome. I am hoping that Guerrero finds a formidable opponent sometime soon, so that he can slowly but surely start climbing the ladder higher.

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