Robert Guerrero Promises To Beat Mayweather Jr., I Think I Have Heard This Before

Robert Guerrero is not wasting any time, and is sticking to the same script as the rest of the fighters that had promised to end Mayweather Jr.’s career:

“Floyd Mayweather is a great fighter, one of the best to ever lace up the gloves, but on May 4th I’m going to end his reign as pound for pound king,” said Guerrero.

What I don’t understand, is how Floyd’s challengers don’t laugh themselves as they say these words, which have been heard way too many times when someone gets a shot at Mayweather Jr.

To me they sound repetitive, and have lost absolutely all meaning. Not only that, but they are simply unoriginal and boring. There have been more proposed blueprints on how to dethrone Mayweather Jr. than any other fighter that I can remember. Everybody has a plan, a great plan that will most certainty prove to be successful; except it never does.

“When I come out victorious on May 4th, everyone will know that if you put Jesus Christ first in your life, anything is possible,” continued Guerrero.

And what if he doesn’t come out victorious? Will Jesus Christ be the one to blame? Of course not, it’s the absolute lack of realistic expectations that Guerrero had that will have to take the blame.

I understand that fighters need to have and present as much self esteem as they possibly could, but there is a limit, a time when talking too much digs a deep hole, a weight that later creates a very heavy load of embarrassment on one’s shoulders. When fighting Mayweather Jr., give him credit, and state that your effort will be absolute, and avoid telling the entire world what dozens of others have said before but all ended up in the same losing position.


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