Roger Mayweather Doesn’t Buy The Canelo Hype

Now that Saul Alvarez has been designated as Floyd’s next opponent, the debates about how good he really is are heating up. Some people claim that he is the real deal, and will most definitely expose Mayweather Jr. and his age (we have heard this way too many times), while other agree that this fight will be no different from most others, with Mayweather Jr. dominating the fight suing his ring I.Q. as well as his astounding technical skills.

Floyd’s uncle, Roger Mayweather told Chris Robinson of that Canelo is nothing special, and his abilities are blown way out of proportion.

“That’s somebody that they think can beat Floyd. It’s just somebody they believe can beat Floyd. He’s alright. He aint no beast like they say he is. Floyd wins because of his ability and he knows what he has to do to get that performance and that’s what it was with the other guy,” stated Roger.

It appears as though Roger sees Floyd’s opposition as naive kids, wishing and hoping, and ultimately living a false belief. Truth be told, its hard to argue with that, as thus far Mayweather Jr. proved to not only be unbeatable, but in his own unmatched class.

I happen to agree with Roger, at least for now, that Canelo poses no threat to Mayweather Jr. and he is not the next best thing that many make him out to be. He is certainly a champion, and has reached amazing heights, and deserves it for his hard work and dedication to the sport. But he is also green when it comes to championship level prime competition.

What will Team Canelo do when Saul is struggling for a little extra oxygen and is throwing shots that hit nothing but empty space?  This is a scenario that Alvarez and his team need to plan on facing, whether they believe their will win or not.

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