Roger Mayweather Will Not Be In Floyd’s Corner, Replaced By Leonard Ellerbe?

Looks like Floyd Mayweather Jr. has decided to leave his uncle and head trainer Roger Mayweather out of his corner during the upcoming fight against Robert Guerrero, due to Roger’s health issues, and instead will have Leonard Ellerbe as part of the corner crew.

“I feel my dad, there are certain things he can see, because Roger, sometimes, when you have sugar diabetes, your vision gets bad. I can’t afford for somebody’s vision to be bad in a big fight like this,” stated Mayweather Jr.

It is definitely hard to disagree with Floyd’s thinking, as being in a world championship fight, you don’t want to take any chances. Despite Roger being a tremendous trainer, Diabetes and age must have him going downhill. If his vision is truly impacted, as it is in the majority of older people with Diabetes, than he is most definitely not the best person to give advice to Floyd in-between the rounds.

Floyd Sr. doesn’t agree with his son’s decision, but will do as he is told:

“I would’ve preferred something like that to be somebody who has fought. This is not a game where you play. You make sure the person knows what the hell they’re talking about. My son is running the show the way he wants to run it, it’s his show, and he can do that. As far as me, myself, there’s nothing I can say about it, but I don’t think it’s wise. I think the corner would be much better if he had my brother in there. Plus, if I fall out, he falls in,” reasoned Floyd Sr.

That is exactly what I was thinking: what would Leonard’s purpose be in the corner? He can’t serve as a cut man and he certainly isn’t fit to give any advice, so I guess putting cool water on Floyd’s head will be the limit of his responsibilities.

Ruben Guerrero on the other hand thinks that it’s Floyd Sr. who should be left out of the fight:

“That’s a big mistake, baby. When’s the last time he (Mayweather Sr.) won? Everybody got knocked out, right? He hasn’t won a fight. Roger, I respect him, he’s one of the best. Him (Floyd Sr.), he’s a clown. Roger’s the best trainer, baby. Roger should be the main guy,” suggested Robert’s father.

I’m sure that there are many different opinions on this topic, but I think that Roger not only deserves to be in his nephew’s corner, but will be of more value than Leonard Ellerbe.

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