Salido Beats Juanma Again In Rematch
March 10, 2012 Boxing News

Few people thought that Orlando Salido would beat Juanma Lopez but that’s what he did stopping Juanma with 30 seconds left in the 10th rd.

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  1. I already knew JuanMa got great skills except I doubt the chin. The same goes to Floyd Jr., great skills but the chin is still in doubt.

    No such thing as iron chin or glass chin. A chin is a chin. A boxers tolerance being punch in the chin, depends on ones experiences.

    There is a saying for boxers “never hook a hooker” or “never hook punch a hook puncher”. Salidos strongest punches are hooks. JuanMa made a mistake by giving Salido rythmn. JuanMa should have been concentrating how to stop Salido than staying away or defending.

    He floored Salido with a short right hook. Instead he waited and let Salido do what Salido does best.

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