Scott Quigg Swerves Unbeaten Countryman in Favor of 34 year old with 1 win in 4

Scott Quigg will make his 7th world title appearance in a career that has thus far seen him face a quality of opposition that is perhaps uniquely modest in the history of the sport among men who can make such a claim.

That his next opponent is not fellow world titlest Carl Frampton is a source of much annoyance for many in the United Kingdom who view this match up as an emerging Mayweather vs. Pacquiao non-event melodrama on a smaller scale.

Whilst Joseph Agbeko represents a “name” fighter to some extent – it should be noted that this follows a pattern of targeting fighters ala Rendall Munroe who are at least 2 years past their primes. Indeed Agbeko has lost 3 of his last 4 bouts. His only win coming against nondescript opposition on points in his native Ghana. Despite a record of 29-5 with 22 wins by knockout one notes that the Ghanaian holds only 12 wins against opponents with even a single professional victory – making his record a far more modest 12-5 with 6 wins by knockout against fighters who’d previously won even a single bout. More to the point, his poor recent form suggests that at age 34 his best days are well behind him. His last four defeats have come in world title bouts – so why not a 5th; boxing’s self-harming logic goes.

The value of a world title – any world title in boxing – & the wider viability of the sport is damaged – incessantly & chronically – but such fraud perpetrated upon an increasingly weary public. There are 6 fighters ranked below Quigg but above Agbeko who are currently unbeaten – all more realistic claimants to the moniker of “world title challenger“. There are others too – including Yoandris Salinas who held him to a draw last year who surely did enough to merit a rematch. If not, perhaps, Enrique Quevedo who despite a record of just 16-7 managed to knock out the same Cuban opponent who offered Quigg such staunch opposition – taking a mere 5 rounds to do what Quigg wasn’t able to do in 12.

There is nothing smart, nor constructive about alienating the sport’s legitimate fan-base by installing & then protecting paper champions in the sport of boxing. If turning down $641,000.00 to face the more credible Kid Galahad was an attempt to remain in with a chance of landing the “big one” vs. Carl Frampton then one can only assume that Quigg & his handlers do not rate their chances of maintaining the obligatory “0” in the face of a young, hungry & highly capable opponent.

The WBA’s complicity in allowing a “champion” to defend against men currently ranked #23; #75; #31; #137; #50 in their weight class in the closest thing the sport has to an objective ranking system – Boxrec – shows that once again the lunatics are running the asylum.