Senator Harry Reid Thanks Manny Pacquiao For Helping Nevada Economy! But Why Not Mayweather Jr.?

A U.S. Senator Harry Reid has recently thanked and praised Manny Pacquiao for being such a positive financial force in Nevada Economy:

Manny is a true friend of Nevada’s, whether he’s training or fighting in our state. His sport is a major player in our state’s economic arena and I, along with millions of others around the world, look forward to a great fight.”

I would have to agree that anytime that Manny Pacquiao fights in Las Vegas, the fights bring in a lot of people, which in turns cranks the local gambling and spending to a higher gear.  It is an honor to be mentioned in such a light, and I am sure that Pacquiao appreciates the compliment.

But what about Floyd Mayweather Jr.? Not only does he actually live in Vegas, but his fights bring in a tremendous amount of revenue, and he himself spends a ton of money in Las Vegason entertainment and every day purchases.  Gambling, houses, cars, and lavish hotel parties is something that Mayweather Jr. is known for, and correct me if I am wrong, but that is also a very generous investment into the local economy.

Before I could never see why many boxing fans thought that the treatment that Pacquiao and Mayweather Jr. get is not proportional, with Manny being given the credit for everything, while Mayweather scorned for anything he does. Now, I can see things more clearly.

Don’t get me wrong, Mayweather Jr. has done dozens of bad things in his life, or at least bad according to me, but for some odd reasons, his good deeds are either rarely appreciated, or go completely unnoticed. From having fundraisers, to paying for boxers or their families in financial turmoil, to giving away food to the poor; Mayweather Jr. has arguably done much more for those in need than the majority of the boxing community put together.

This recent statement by Senator Reid is yet another example of Floyd Mayweather Jr., a long time resident and ‘investor in the local economy’ of Las Vegas, being overlooked and ignored. Manny get a pat on the back for bringing the money to Vegas, yet Floyd is never thanked in such a fashion?


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