Why Sergio Martinez Dedicates His Fight To A Teen

Nearly 13 million students are bullied each year. It’s a growing problem in America. On Thursday, during the Sergio Martinez vs Sergei Dzinziruk press conference, Martinez dedicated his fight to a 13-year-old Middletown, Connecticut , girl . Monique McClain left her middle school in January because of constant bullying by her classmates. “This fight is for you, Monique,” said Martinez.

Martinez said he knows what Monique is going through because he was bullied when he was young. In fact, President Barack Obama said he was bullied as well because of his large ears and funny name. The President and the first lady hosted a White House conference on bullying earlier in the week, where they said bullying should not be tolerated in schools. Experts says bullying affects the way kids study, increases their chances of using drugs and alcohol, and causes mental or health problems.

Martinez and Dzinziruk are fighting on Saturday, March 12th, for the middleweight World Boxing Council Diamond Championship. The match airs on HBO.