Sergio Martinez Lost His Spot In Line To Fight Mayweather Jr. Due To His Lack Of Respect For The Fight and His Opponent

Boxing is a not a game, thus playing it is never a good idea. I think we can all agree that Sergio Martinez had learned that very valuable lesson this past Saturday night when he got hurt and knocked down by Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

This is the way I see it:Martinezwas supposed to win this fight, and he was supposed to do it in a decisive and dominant fashion. This is exactly what he did. The reason this was supposed to happen in such a way was becauseMartinezis in his prime, has tremendous experience inside the ring, and is simply a better fighter. So, as all have witnessed or heard about, Sergio gave Chavez Jr. a good boxing lesson, and showed that a rematch, despite being already talked about and inevitable, is not all that necessary.

This is another way that I see it: Despite the fact thatMartinezwon, his last round proved that he can be a sloppy fighter, and most importantly that Jr. has the power necessary to send Maravilla to the canvas, and possibly even knock him out cold. This fact is the part that according to some people could possibly warrant a rematch.

In other words, up to the 12th round, the rematch was out of the question, asMartinez was unquestionably dominating the fight in every aspect. His victory would have sent him straight up to being the frontrunner to face Floyd Mayweather Jr., with very limited doubt whether he deserves the fight.

But that very last round, it took all of that away at an instant.Martinezbarely made it out of that round, and had there been another one to go, well we can all safely assume that the fight might have taken a very sharp turn in Julio’s favor. Sergio’s lack of concentration and respect for his opponent caused this disaster to occur. Now, despite the fact that I don’t want to see a rematch, and don’t think that it is necessary, it will and should happen. It only seems fair to let Chavez Jr., who is now by the way much more confident due to the knowledge that he has the power to end the fight early, try and fight an entirely different fight.

The fight will of course sell out once again, and if it takes place at the Cowboys Stadium in Dallas, there is much more money to be made.