Sergio Martinez On Mayweather vs Ortiz Fight
September 21, 2011 Boxing News

EsNewsReporting spoke with boxing superstar Sergio Martinez about the Maywetaher vs Ortiz fight.

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  1. Sergio Maravilla Martinez is the true p4p king based on his past 2 years perfomances and the quality of opposion faced and defeated in spectacular fashion. A fight matching Martinez vs Mayweather would be great for the sport and the fans but i don,t think the money team is willing to risk it Martinez has the skill speed power heart experience and intelligence to beat Floyd ,as long as Mayweather can make 25millon fighting the likes of an over the hill Mosley and one demensional fighters like Ortiz he won,t risk fighting Maravilla. Floyd may be the cash cow of HBO PPV Sergio is far and away the best fighter in boxing today not based on PPV ratings but based on Fact!

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