Sergio Martinez Beats Matthew Macklin Stops him 11th

Sergio Martinez vs Matthew Macklin Rd by Rd Update

Both fighters ready to walk into the ring. Macklin comes out first. Macklin if the ring.

Martinez walking out into the ring. Martinez in the ring. Lets get ready to rumble. Fans go wild as Macklin’s name is called out.

Rd 1 Macklin moves a lot does not want to get hit. Sergio trying to land some shots Macklin keeps moving. Sergio moving with hands down. Both fighters exchanged body shots as bell rings. Rd one to Martinez.

Rd 2 Sergio starts strong lands a good shot. big left by sergio macklin flys into ropes. Macklin lands a strong right. Martinez answer with his own right hand. Rd 2 to Martinez.

Rd 3 Macklin doiung better so far in this round. Both fighters exchange and move a lot. not a lot of punches. Martinez lands some punches and gets out of Macklin’s reach. Rd 3 to Sergio. leading so far 3-0.

Rd 4 Macklin moving well talking smack to sergio. martinez lands a hard left. Macklin lands hard shots. Rd 4 goes to Macklin.

Rd 5 Martinez lands a hard shot. Martinez answers. Macklin lands his hardest shot of the fight with the rights hand. They trade again. Macklin gets this Rd.

Rd 6 This rd is more of what we have seen so far in fight. Macklin moving. But Sergio was more active he gets the Rd. 3-3

Rd 7 Both fighters moving around alot. Martinez gets a knockdown call. says he was pushed. This woke up Martinez who comes back in a storm. But the knockdown gives him the rd.

Rd 8 Sergio comes in hitting takes the rd.

R9. Martinez throws more lands more. takes this rd.

Rd 10. All Martinez just like rd 9. Martinez gets rd. up on cards 95 – 94

Rd 11 Martinez keep working the left. Macklin cut over left eye. Martinez knocks down Macklin. Martinez kncoks down macklin again as bell rings. Fight is stopped Martinez wins.