Sergio Martinez’s Trainer: WBC Trainer of The Year

Gabriel Sarmiento is honored as 2010 Trainer of the Year. He was awarded the honor in Coachella, California, during the World Boxing Council and Legends of Boxing Museum induction ceremony. Sarmiento is best know for trainer p4p King Sergio Martinez. Gabriel was unable attend the event, his brother Pablo Sarmiento and his strength and conditioning coach Strength & Cicilio Flores read a letter to the audience.

Sergio Martinez Trainer Gabriel Sarmiento

Gabriel Sarmiento’s Letter

“Before I begin to thank the WBC organization, I greatly apologize for not being able to be present to receive this great honor. Once more the American dream has become reality. This is what I dreamt about 3 years ago when I arrived in Oxnard, invited by the Garcia Family.

I dedicate this award to Spain & Argentina, from where I created a Hispanic-American boxing school and the results of that are this award. Thank you to: Pablo Sarmiento, Cicilio Flores, Adam Flores, Dr. Anderson, Abraham Lopez, Roger Romo, David Sanchez, Nydia Flores, Ricardo Atocha, Sampson Lewkowicz & Lou Dibella.

I give many thanks to this WBC organization for this award for recognizing the hard work & sacrifice that we put forth.”